I read with pleasure Susan's book, Enlightenment The Road Home. I find this admirable book to be timely and well written. Having met and shared time with Susan regarding this subject, I have to say she is one of the most well respected authors in this field of work with an ability to see far beyond where most other people stop. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who aspires to find the true meaning of life.”

S.E. Chev. Ian Sinclair KGCTpl.
International Grand Prior
Scottish Knight Templar's


I wanted to share with you just how wonderful my regression session with you was. From the beginning the entire experience was effortless. You were easily able to guide me into a very relaxed state which allowed me to flow into the various past experiences. I was amazed at how the images appeared, some with emotions attached! Working with you has definitely fit several pieces of my puzzle in place.

Thanks so very much Susan! I look forward to our next session.”


My name is Robert Sandell. I have worked with Susan for about twelve years. She is a very powerful lady in many modalities such as hypnotherapy, depossession and energy therapy. In working with Susan I found her to do excellent work. She has worked on me and I had wonderful results from it. I cannot say enough about how I feel about Susan and her work.” Robert Sandell