Hypnotherapy / Past Life Regression

Through the utilization of hypnotherapy, many issues and/or questions may be addressed. One may be seeking information on their souls history and how that information may apply to this lifetime, or possibly one is looking for their purpose and path this lifetime. Fears and phobias may be addressed. All information about "us" is located in our subconscious and may be accessed through hypnotherapy.

Spiritual Counseling

Some days we feel out of sorts. We may have unexplained pain. We may feel that we are lost, no matter our efforts, we feel stuck.

Remote Depossession

Remote Depossession is the removal of attached entities which can produce a variety of problems including behavior, emotional and/or physical disturbances. The technique includes locating, identifying and removal of the attached entities. Once that is accomplished, a healing of the client is then done. Susan is the remote viewer with the ability to scan and identify attachments. The clearing and healing are accomplished by Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. Following the session, a full report is sent to the client.


Remote Depossession Practitioner Certification

This is a powerful workshop for everyone but especially for healers. You may have worked with clients and been less than 100% successful. The reason may be an attachment(s), either earthbound or negative energies. Remote Depossession is Spirit Releasement� or exorcism performed remotely. In this workshop you will learn to remotely view another being, learn whether or not there are attachments and how to remove them. We will work directly with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael as well as other Ascended Masters. This is a powerful class from a divinely powerful teacher.

Susan Schontag has been trained by both Dr. William Baldwin in Spirit Releasement and Dr. Irene Hickman in Remote Depossession and has been certified as a Remote Depossession Trainer by the Depossession Institute. (Note: the Depossession Institute became inactive upon the passing of Dr. Hickman).

Note: Remote Depossession Certification Workshop is available via the Internet. Contact Susan for additional information.

Seichim/Seichem/Sekhem Initiation

Seichim is an ancient Egyptian Energy System and is a complete healing system. Seichim is an Egyptian word referring to a person's God-energy or spark of the Creator that we each carry deep within us. It was one of the healing arts practiced in the temples long ago. The energy is balanced and has a gentle loving feminine aspect. Seichim contains the following elements:

  • Fire (transformation), an energy that works on the electro-magnetic field surrounding the body (the aura). It "burns" through blockages and cleanses the chakras;

  • Water or Sophi-El (deep emotional healing), which is associated with the emotions. Water opens the heart to feel love and compassion. It reaches deep within the emotions to find the core of disturbances.

  • The air and spirit elements are combined in a two-fold ray called Angeliclight. Air is associated with communication, so healing of both the third eye and throat chakras is increased. As its name implies Angeliclight establishes a link with the Angelic realms, facilitating contact with angels, guides and Higher Beings.

  • The Earth element. In the Seichim system, the energy of this element is called Reiki and corresponds to a part of the traditional Reiki energy system.

Note: Seichim Certification Workshop is available via the Internet. Contact Susan for additional information.

Divine Light of Gold

The Connection to the Divine Light of Gold allows the healer to access and channel it to enhance their healing modalities. As the physical element Gold has been considered the master healer throughout time, the list of its healing powers and harmonizing properties are endless. Susan utilizes the Divine Light of Gold in two different ways. One way is to assist the client to heal and the other is to connect/attune one to the Divine Light of Gold. This connection is an attunement and thereafter a healer can utilize the Divine Light of Gold and greatly enhance their ability to assist others. Both ways are done on an individual basis with Susan's Great White Brotherhood Team and the Upper Spiritual Realm Healing Teams as well as the Teams of the individual involved. Both methods are important in that they assist in creating balance and harmony in not only the physical body but in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well.

Note: Divine Light of Gold Certification Workshop is available via the Internet. Contact Susan for additional information.


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