Remote Depossession: A Way Home

by Susan Schontag

We are here on Earth at this time to experience and remember our life's plan and purpose. Unfortunately, there may be interference to this objective.

The expression "we are not alone" does not always mean those around us are benevolent. There are unseen beings around us. Some are of the highest vibration and some are not. Our job is to recognize that there is something in our way and figure out how to remove it. So the question arises, "What is Remote Depossession and who needs it?" Remote Depossession is the removal of negative attached entities or energies. These attached energies can be evil or they can be earth bound spirits. Earth bound spirits are those souls who died and did not go to the "light" or Home. Attached entities/energies have been found to produce a variety of problems. They may include behavior, emotional or physical disturbances and their presence appears to interfere with other types of therapy and impede healing.

The intent of this book is to prompt you to ascertain your soul's roots, purpose and path and to help you recognize interference when it is present. It is also the intent of this book to share with you, your "off planet" advisors and assistants, especially Archangel Michael. Go to Amazon.com for the Kindle version.


by Susan Schontag

We have all been on a wondrous journey this lifetime. Now is the time to awaken and be fully conscious of our true purpose. By understanding where we came from, why we are here and where we are going, we open ourselves to our "Divine Self." Our Light will then shine as a beacon for others. And that Light, that beacon will bring us to what was intended from the beginning of time, "Heaven on Earth." Go to Amazon.com for the Kindle version.


by Susan Schontag

This workbook is intended as a guide and an extension of �Enlightenment The Road Home.� In Enlightenment, you were introduced to different ideas and different modalities. You may now wish to put the ideas into practice by utilizing this workbook.


A Photographic Guide Through the Dimensions"

by Susan Schontag

Do you remember when you were a child and you were told that you were not alone, that you were protected by Angels? Well it's true, and, I can prove it to you. Like you, I cannot see the Angels with my eyes, but my camera is able to photograph them so that I can show them to you. Why are the Angels appearing now? We are in changing times and the Angels want us to know that they are here, that they love us and that we are truly protected.